Congratulations to our 9U Team Winning the Silver Superbowl!


Tuesday, November 18, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm- for anyone that has not turned in equipment.

Teams and Cheer Squads are not assigned any specific time for return.
Teams that are in the playoffs – arrangements for equipment return will be posted at a later date.

FOOTBALL Equipment Return Process:
· Wash and dry all equipment including pants, all three jerseys, belt, and equipment bag. Please make sure bag is dry and do not put wet or damp uniforms in equipment bag.
· Wipe down all pant pads and shoulder pads removing any mud or dirt before turning in. Let air dry.
· Remove all stickers (including number stickers and “award” stickers”) and striper tape from helmet. We will not accept helmets back until all stickers are removed. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of all or a portion of your deposit.
· Wipe down helmet inside and out with water and a soft cloth (do not use any type of cleaner on the helmet as it can damage the shell) to remove mud, dirt, and sweat. Remove mouth guard and any special equipment (face shields, etc..). Let air dry.
· Please keep tag on equipment bag until you are ready to turn it in.
· Items that MUST to be turned in: White (or black) practice pants, black game pants, 7 pant pads, belt, helmet, shoulder pads, orange game jersey, white game jersey, black practice jersey.
· Do NOT return: Socks, mouth guards, integrated pants, girdles, wristbands, personal items, shorts, t-shirts, etc.
· For Football Equipment, if you have questions about the equipment return process, please contact Dusty Reames at 618-792-2236 or by email
CHEER Uniform Return Process:
· Wash, and remove all stains from all uniform parts.  Do not dry uniforms.
· Items that MUST to be turned in: Cheer Shells and Skirts
· Do NOT return: Bows, briefs, jackets, etc.
For Cheer Uniforms, if you have questions about the equipment return process, please contact Kelly Ruehl at 773-426-2277, e-mail or Debbie Drake at 618-513-0008, e-mail

Deposit Checks:  During the handout process you received all the equipment necessary to participate in the LTF program. The $100 work duty / equipment deposit will be returned to you when your work duty hours have been fulfilled and your football equipment has all been returned clean and in good order. Team Managers and Squad Managers have kept track of your work duty hours and concession stand sign ins were kept for the concession stand duty.  If you are unsure if you have fulfilled your work duty hours, please contact your team manager.  If you have not fulfilled your work duty hours, its not too late.  We have equipment turn-ins and awards banquets for which you can earn your deposit back.  Work duty hours are fulfilled after 5 hours of approved service to the club which must include 2 hours of concessions duty per family.

Our End of the Year Banquet will be December 6 and 7 at Woodland Elementary.

Each team will get 1 hour in the gym to watch their team video and present awards and then 1 hour in the commons area for Cupcakes.



7u- Story-11AM

7u- Collins-12 NOON

8u- McMeen-1PM

8u- Dockery-2PM

8u- Van Ryswyk-3PM



10u-Pocheck-12 NOON




Games  this week

  • Schedules are available under your team tab.
  • Black Jerseys are for home games, white jersey are for away games.
  • Weigh in takes place 1 hour prior to your game time (each week). If your player is not present for weigh in, the may not play until half time.
  • Directions are available on the website to all game locations.
  • We need volunteers each week to make our games run smoothly. Please see your team manager to sign up.


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