Edwardsville Little Tigers Football & Cheerleading
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

What We Stand For

The Mission of the LTF Board

The role of the Board is to make decisions that will maximize the experience for Players, Teams, Coaches, Parents, Sponsors and the Board itself.
At LTF Players and Teams come first!

Succeeding in this mission will grow a thriving & sustainable football club.


Tim Runnalls

Tim has been involved in LTF as a parent & coach for the past 5 years and on the Board for the past 3 years. Tim played both high school and collegiate football. He is excited about building on the strong tradition of Little Tigers Football & Cheer and taking it to the next level.

Vice President

Ryan Hargrave

Ryan has a long tenure with LTF going back to 2009. He loves the sport of football, and his three sons share his passion for the game. Ryan was formerly the President of Bethalto’s football program, and he brings his vast experiences to the Board.


Jessica Godwin

Jessica has been with LTF as a parent for 5 years and this will be her 2nd year on the Board. She has two football players, one on 8U and one on 10U who her husband helps coach. She has worked in Human Resources for 15 years and brings the knowledge of culture, team building, and structure to the Board. She has always been passionate about sports and sportsmanship and the unique learning opportunities it brings to children and our community. She looks forward to meeting new and returning families and players with the season ahead!


Kym Joy

Kym has been with LTF for years and has been heavily active within the organization. She has a passion for motivating kids to do their best, helping families navigate the organization and keep track of all the details to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Athletic Director

Mike Raschen

Mike is a head coach for LTF and has been for years. His involvement in local Youth Football has been pivotal in making sure that the efforts and opportunities of the organization continue to move forward. Let's Go Tigers!

Cheer Director

Jacinda Zeigler

Jacinda is passionate about teaching the sport of Cheerleading. She wants all her players to be able to participate in Cheerleading at the Middle School level if they choose to. She also loves to have fun and believes each player brings something special to the team. Jacinda is a full-time pre-school teacher and educator.

Marketing & Fundraising Director

Megan Blind

Megan has a deep passion for all things marketing. She brings a wealth of experience in the communications space with a big focus on helping youth sports teams drive more visibility and higher recruitment.

Equipment Director

Jessica Cochran-Buss

Jesi has an extreme love for football, with 3 sons playing football in Edwradsville on LTF she knows what it means to bleed orange. Her experience in management makes her perfect as a critical member of the board.

Board Member

Chad Loughrey

Chad is a lifelong sports fanatic and brings a level of enthusiasm and commitment to the LTF board that is obvious every time you speak with him. His experience is perfectly matched with his role in maintaining compliance and security within the organization.



Cassie Smith & Radeana Gentzyel


John Bracamontes

Team Manager

Shelly McFarlane & Crystal Bradley


Jessica Godwin


LaKesha Johnson


Rick Kiel, Tim Runnalls Sr., Gene Cleark

Game Day

David Taylor

Valley Rep

Tim Runnalls Sr. & John Alvarado


Chad Lankford & Evan Davis

p l a y e r s

Practice creates confidence. Confidence empowers you.

Olympian Gymnast Simone Biles

Cheer is building the foundation for the discipline these girls need to succeed both personally, academically & professionally.

Head Coach Former LTF Cheer Coach

The most valuable player is the one who makes the most players valuable.

Quarterback Peyton Manning

The lessons these boys are learning carry over into all aspects of their lives.

Head Coach Former LTF Coach